Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for a sisters night a couple weeks ago.  Love getting to catch up with them!

I'm thankful for coffee out with Tammy a couple weeks ago.  I could have/should have been doing laundry and other errands while Kase was at school, but chatting with her and holding Berkley was much more fun!

I'm thankful my aunt Connie answered Kael's phone call the other day and chatted with him for a good half hour.  It totally made his day.

I'm so thankful that my brother-in-law Kyle and his girlfriend, Julia got engaged! We all adore her and I'm excited to add another wonderful sister to Kent's side of the family. Team BOA for the win!

I'm thankful that Kylee was in the mood to help clean out her closet the other day.  It feels so good to have that organized!

I'm thankful for all the love shown to me on my birthday. Kent and the kids had some lovely presents for me right away in the morning! I'm thankful for Kylee who always excited to help Kent wrap my gifts.

I'm thankful for this guy.  He wanted so very badly for me to be happy on my birthday.  What an awesome surprise to come home and find new front porch furniture! I can't believe he pulled off the surprise AND it's absolutely perfect.  Better than anything I could have picked out!

I'm always thankful for homemade cards from my kids.  Is there anything better?

I'm thankful for birthday dinner out.  Everyone found something the liked and I didn't have to do dishes.  I'd call that a win! The birthday desserts we got were an awesome bonus, too.

I'm thankful that our fort-building days aren't over.  I'm going to miss him next year.

I'm thankful for sweet cousin moments.

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