Weekend Wrap-Up

We have fit so much in this summer.  Here's what we did this weekend!

Thursday Kylee had sand volleyball (after a crazy pop up storm that luckily missed us!) 

And we met Tam and her kids at the park.  Kylee and her friend had fun playing at Miracle League too.

Meanwhile, Kael was at the pool.  All day! He loves it! He's really excited about the "Kael Special" he made up, which is essentially a running side flip off the high dive.  Super cool.

That night Kylee had her last night of team camp.  She's been having the best time with her volleyball friends!

The next day Kylee had a babysitting clinic and Kael wanted to go to the pool again, so I got to spend the day with Kase.  We went on a bike ride and went to a few parks.  It was nice hanging with him one-on-one!

Friday night, Kylee had a birthday party.  The boys hung out with Keith and Cindy and Kent and I went to the Home Show Expo with our friends.  So fun.

The next morning we went to Polk City to see my sister and her family in the parade!

The cousins had fun seeing each other, even if it was only for a little while!

These two danced their little hearts out.

That afternoon we had a couples shower in Collins for Kyle and Julia.  It was a fun night with family! The kids hung out with my dad and mom- had dinner out then stopped at a favorite park!

The next day we declared to be Patterson Family Sunday Funday.  We'd gotten to see a lot of friends and family over the previous few days, so we decided to have a day, just us.  The boys woke up early and watched a movie while Kent and I went for a walk.  After making pancakes for breakfast, we all walked to church.

When we got home we set up the canopy in the backyard.  Played some baseball and badminton, then had lunch on the patio.

Later we loaded the bikes up and went to Johnston.  We had a nice ride and stopped at Van Dee's for ice cream!

We also found a fun park to play at.  Love that my kids aren't too big yet to enjoy some park time together!

We got home, then cooled off at the pool!

We came home and relaxed a little, then had dinner on the deck.  We played a little more baseball, had a Nerf war, then watched a movie.  It was a great day! 


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful our summer has slowed down a bit and we can enjoy time with friends! 

I'm thankful for some one-on-one time with Kase.  Kael had plans with a friend and my mom and Kylee had plans to hang out for the afternoon, so I took Kase to the Kids Ninja gym nearby. He had so much fun! It was great to enjoy time with him. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Weekend Wrap-Up

Summerfest weekend is one of our very favorites of the whole year.  Here's what we did this weekend!

Kase and I played some tennis.  He loves it!

The boys got to go to All City Play Day while Kylee helped decorate the float for her volleyball club.
They really enjoyed the new laser tag this year!

Kase and I visited ARL one afternoon last week.  He wants a dog so badly but for now just enjoys visiting them!

Kylee and her friends have perfected The Giant Slime Bubble.

Friday night we hit the carnival! There were supposed to be storms so we didn't think we would get to go but I'm glad we did.  It wasn't busy at all! The kids all got to do a couple rides and we ate up there too.

At the last minute Kase decided to join the kiddie parade! Kael was at the Splash Dance, which he just loves every year.  This year he even got second place in the cannonball contest!

I'm pretty sure Kase thinks the parade is a race because the last two years he has started way at the end of the lineup and by the time the parade gets around the block he is all the way to the front.  Ha!

We had a neighbor visit with their new pet bunny!

Saturday morning was the Grand Parade. The cousins all had so much fun together.

And we were all so excited to see Kylee!

The boys had fun catching some huge caterpillars.

The whole gang! It was a light crew this year but we had so much fun!

That afternoon was the Edward Jones watermelon feed and the cardboard boat regatta.

We were thankful Kent set up a canopy for us! Here Kase is using Huston as a pillow. 

And here, Kellen is using Kylee as a pillow! After the regatta the kids had gone up to Keith and Cindy's for a sleepover and were so happy to get to spend time with Kellen too!

That night Kent and I went out for dinner then sat out on our patio with neighbors.  It was a really, really nice night.

When the kids got home the next morning, Kylee helped me make a fruit pizza while Kent got some meat on the smoker!

We took an afternoon trip to the pool.  Kael loves doing a running start flip off the high dive!

And he's getting pretty good on the Flow Rider!

Then, Smokefest! The kids look forward to this all summer.  We block off the street and have a great time with neighbors.

This year we had a visit from a police officer! She was so nice and all the kids got a chance to sit in her car.

We wrapped up the evening by watching fireworks.  They were awesome! Such a fun weekend.

Today, we went to Perfect Games with my mom and nephew. The cousins had a blast together. 

Our schedule has finally slowed down a little and we are really enjoying summer! Hope you had a great weekend!