Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for the loveliest trip to Pella yesterday.  My mom and I had lunch with my aunt and cousin, then did a little shopping around Pella.  It was so good to see them- just wishing my sisters and other cousin could have joined us too!

I'm thankful Kase woke up dry this morning.  Seriously saves me so much time when I don't have tons of laundry to do.

I'm thankful for the beautiful weather this week.  It's so nice the kids have been able to play outside so much.  Kent and the boys have been playing backyard football every night!

I'm thankful for great conferences for all three kids! I'm so proud of their hard work.

I'm thankful for a night spent in the kitchen with Kylee earlier this week.  We turned up the Spanish music and made some enchiladas and a few other things to keep in the freezer for busy nights.

Have a great weekend!


Weekend Wrap-Up

Our weekend got off to an early and fun start with the kids' Jag Jog at school.  It had been rescheduled from Tuesday, and I wouldn't have been able to attend then, but since it got moved to Friday I was able to go! It was so much fun cheering on the kids and their friends.  

That afternoon was Kase's fall party.  It was so much fun seeing him interact with his friends and I was so impressed at what a sweet, well-behaved class they have!

Friday after school the kids went to my parents' for a sleepover.  Kent and I had a fun neighbor night out! It's so good for the soul, hanging out with some of our closest friends. 

Saturday morning Kylee had a volleyball game and Kael went to an all-day youth retreat at church.  The rest of us enjoyed a lazy, rainy afternoon.  That evening my sisters and their families and my parents came over.  The cousins all had so much fun together and I loved getting to catch up with my family.  

Sunday after church Kent's parents came down and had lunch with us, then Kylee went to a birthday party and Kael had his last football game of the season. 

Another fun, fall weekend in the books!


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that "pulling a card" means something to Kase.  In kindergarten, if you don't make a good choice, you have to pull a card.  It has only happened to Kase twice and each time, he feels really badly about it.  I know he's trying his hardest!

I'm thankful that Kael isn't afraid to go in to school early if he ever needs extra help with something.  Middle school Kael is so fun.  He's just so matter-of-fact about everything.  

I'm thankful for the Hy-Vee magazine.  I love when I get home and find one in my shopping bag! 

I'm thankful for rainy days.  It's been nice to be "stuck" inside with my favorite people with the fireplace on and baking cookies!

I'm thankful Kent has a Fit Bit again.  I'm enjoying the challenges between he and I. 

I'm thankful Kael is around to fix my fantasy lineup.  We have a family competition and Kael always handles my lineup.

I'm so thankful Kase is reading! Or at least, he's starting to! He's definitely sounding out words and is so interested in letters and numbers.

I'm thankful Kael likes to get homework done right after school.  He knows if he can get it done ASAP he'll have more time for fun!

I was so thankful when I heard Kase ask my niece, Brooklyn, for a hug when they parted at the orchard on Monday.  I wasn't surprised a bit when Kylee hugged her, but then when Kase asked for a hug I just about melted.  It was the sweetest thing.  Those of you who know Kase well know that he is NOT typically a hugger.

I'm thankful for lunch out with Mandy and then an afternoon playdate with Tammy and her kids.  I love hanging with my sisters and love the little reminders of how very much alike we are.

I'm thankful for a techie husband who can do my phone updates for me and also save all my photos to save room on storage space on my phone.

I'm thankful for one last fun, whirlwind weekend ahead.  It's Kael's last football game this weekend and Kylee's last volleyball practice so our schedule will start slowing down soon! 


Weekend Wrap-Up

We We We Friday Kylee came home from school and was excited that she had been recognized as Main Event! It was from her art teacher which made it extra special because I know Kylee has been excited about the piece she has been working on in art. 

We had plans to go to AJF night at the football game but it was rainy out.  Kael really wanted to go even in the rain (he loves a good, rainy day) but the game kept getting delayed because of lightning so we stayed in.  My parents came over for pizza to help celebrate Kylee being Main Event! 

Saturday morning we had volleyball.  Kylee's team played so well and it's just so much fun to see how they have improved since week 1. We spent the rest of the day being totally, uncharacteristically lazy! We watched the Hawkeye game and some of the ISU game.  The boys played Madden on the xBox, watched more football and baseball and just relaxed.  Kylee had a friend over and we baked two different kinds of cookies.  Kase went to a friend's house for the whole day! 

Saturday night our friends had tickets in the suite for the Iowa Wild game.  We had never been before so the kids had a great time and it was so nice to have the suite so the boys could run around a little bit. 

Kylee stayed at her friend's house and one of Kael's friends stayed here. Kase slept in until 10:00 Sunday morning! I was so surprised, but happy he got some good sleep because we had a busy day ahead. Kase had his football game first. He still loves it as much as he did the first week!

After that, Kylee had a cross country meet. It was her first one this fall and she was really excited for it.

She ran really hard and was happy with her time. 

She got second place!

We headed back to Ankeny in time for Kael's football game.  His team got their first loss and I know Kael was disappointed but it didn't ruin his day.  He still had fun playing.

And he was happy the Vogels got to come see him play! 

Monday the kids didn't have school.  We started our morning off at Target, trying on Halloween costumes. I could not love this picture more.

The kid had also picked out some things for our neighbor Boo Baskets and were so excited to make a delivery as soon as we got home! Kael had even drawn up a map with a plan of how to deliver the basket without getting caught.

After a quick stop to visit a friend and her new baby, we headed up to the orchard! It was a beautiful day. We met up with some friends there and the kids had so much fun.  It was busy, but not as busy as I thought it might be.

It was so nice having an extra day to spend with the kids and we soaked up every last second of the beautiful weather.  When we got home, the kids played at the park with friends.  They wanted to be outside until the last bit of daylight because they knew it was going to be cold and rainy today. 

We had a great weekend! 


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that it's finally soup weather!

I'm thankful for lunch out with my mom, my aunt and Kent last week.  I love getting to catch up with everyone!

I'm thankful for the fun night at the Jag/Hawk volleyball game last week.  The kids had a blast cheering the Jags on to a (barely) win!

The match went to five games and Kase was tuckered out by the end of it!

I'm thankful for each and every night that I tuck my kids safely into their beds.  There are so many sad, scary things going on in our world- the shooting in Vegas, the threats in Johnston, the closing of a nearby elementary yesterday morning, and even stuff in our very own neighborhood. 

I'm thankful one of Kael's teachers reached out to me this week.  I know he is looking out for Kael and wants to help him be successful!

Have a great weekend!


Weekend Wrap-Up

I love fall weekends.  Are they not just the best?! 

Friday we went to my parents' house.  We took a long walk in the back, picked up walnuts, and gathered hedge apples. It was so nice out.

We came up to the house to grill burgers and Kase spent some time trying to turn a hedge apple into a regular apple.  Ha! I did a little switcheroo when he wasn't looking and the big kids played along.  You should have seen the look on his face when he lifted the towel off the bucket and found a regular apple!

After dinner we played some football, then went back down to the creek for a bonfire and s'mores.

Kase offered me a comfy place to sit!

It was just the loveliest night.  The weather was perfect, all the kids were in good moods, the food was great and it was so nice to spend time with family! After the bonfire we came up to the house and the kids played Legos with grandma for a little while before we headed home, put the kids to bed and Kent and I stayed up watching a movie.

When Kent and I finally made our way upstairs to go to bed we found Kase in his room like this, with the light on.  Ha!

Saturday morning we had volleyball reffing, volleyball game, football practice...so thankful for our village who help us out on these busy mornings! Then Kase played at a friend's house for a little while before having a quick lunch and heading to the orchard to meet up with Keith and Cindy! They were taking the kids overnight and wanted to spend the afternoon with them at the orchard first.

I just love all these pictures they sent me and I know they had a great time! 

Meanwhile, Kent and I got all dressed up for a wedding, which happened to fall on our anniversary eve, so it was a perfect time to go out and celebrate!

My parents were invited to the wedding too since it was a mutual Edward Jones friend.  We had dinner at Johnny's Steakhouse on our way to the wedding.  We had a lovely night and enjoyed catching up with everyone at the wedding! 

The kids had the best time at the sleepover.  Keith and Cindy have recently re-done their basement and the kids just LOVE the new setup and pinball machine there! I so appreciate Keith and Cindy being able to have the kids over while we went to the wedding.  

On the way home Kase practiced his reading.  He's really starting to be able to sound out the words! I'm so proud of him. 

Sunday afternoon Kase had a football game.  He really hustled out there and had tons of fun.

Then Kylee and I had volleyball practice, then Kael had a football game. He really looks forward to game day each week! He was happy that some neighbors and my parents came up to watch and cheer him on too!

What a great weekend!