Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for a super long weekend! My kids and I really enjoyed the Ice Day on Tuesday.  They all played so nicely together and we had a blast just hanging around home.

I'm thankful for banana bread deliveries from my parents. Kase is thankful too!

I'm thankful for my job.  Working part time is the absolute best thing for our family right now and I can't imagine how much busier our life would seem if I worked full time.

I'm thankful that winter has to be over soon, right? I'm itching to get running outside again.

I'm thankful for how much Kylee is enjoying volleyball.  We all look forward to her tournaments each weekend!


Weekend Wrap-Up

We love long weekends.  Friday the kids were so excited to see Kent since he had been gone all week and had gotten home late Thursday night- they were already in bed and hadn't seen him that night.  After school Friday Kase played at his friend's house for awhile then we had family game night here.  A relaxing night in was just what we needed. Also Kylee made lots of slime.  She likes to bubble it up on the table like this. 

Saturday Kylee had volleyball.  My mom rode with us and it was fun to have her company.  Kylee's team ended up winning the championship.  Such a fun day! Later that evening we met the Patterson crew out for dinner.

The kids all loved holding baby Kellen!

After dinner we did a little bowling.  So much fun.  Cindy had fun Valentine gifts for the kid too!

After bowling we went to Uncle Kevin's basketball game.  It was fun cheering him on.  It was a great night spent with family.

Sunday we had a nice day here getting stuff done around the house after church.  It was nice enough (but windy) to play outside and also we made some cupcakes! Later both Kael and Kylee had friends sleep over.

Monday morning the kids played with their friends for a little bit then we met my sister and her kids and went bowling! It was the perfect way to spend a rainy day. 

Cousin pizza party!

The only bummer was the Brooklyn wasn't feeling well towards the end so they had to head home.  We had a really nice lazy afternoon at home, then Kylee had a friend stop by and hang out for a little while before they had volleyball practice.  Looking forward to a great week!


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for a good friend who delivered me some of her famous homemade guacamole last week to cheer me up.

I'm thankful for these fun coloring sheets Kylee made for Kase when she knew he was home sick from school.  He spent so much time on them and was so anxious to show them to her when she walked in the door!

I'm thankful for this brief bit of warm weather we're having.  What a game changer, having the kids be able to play in the snow. Also I was able to enjoy a nice walk with my mom yesterday morning!

I'm thankful that Kent gets home tonight.  It's been a long week.

I'm thankful for some super sweet Valentine gifts from my preschool students! Some people are so thoughtful.

I'm thankful for my mother-in-law who stopped by while Kent was out of town.

I'm thankful for a fun Valentine morning with my kids.  Kylee was up early with sweet cards, poems and handmade gifts for me.  She is so special. Then we made strawberry donuts- Kael got up in enough time to make the chocolate frosting for them!

I'm thankful for how much the kids love the photo books I make for them each year.  Truly, they were so appreciative and spent all morning looking at the books and remembering all the fun times we had in 2017!

Have a great weekend! 


Happy Valentine's Day!

Hoping this Valentine's Day finds you happy and healthy.  May you spend the day with those you love most!








Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a tough weekend.  We got the news about my grandma and I was fairly teary-eyed on and off for a couple days.  Here's Kase trying to cheer me up by offering me his favorite Star Wars Legos and bringing me a blanket to cuddle on the couch.  Those of you who know Kase well know that cuddling is way out of character for him so I really cherished this moment. 

Thursday morning we made a quick visit to see my dad for his birthday.  Donuts always cheer everyone up!

Friday was Kylee's half birthday so we kept our celebrating spirit going with more donuts.

It was also the kids' Valentine parties at school.  Kylee was so excited about her cupcake box this year! She is so creative.

I had fun at the kids' parties. I'm always thankful for the moms who enjoy planning such awesome parties for the kids! I am happy to go and help lend a hand.  Fun to see the kids with their peers.

After many texts back and forth, later that afternoon Tammy and I went to Sheffield for my grandma's visitation.  We had been hesitant due to weather- we were supposed to be getting some snow.  But we decided to go and I'm so glad we did. It was good to see my family and my grandpa and I was thankful for the extra time to share special memories about my grandma.

Saturday morning we went to the funeral.  It was a very nice service and it was so good to be surrounded by those who loved my grandma as much as we all did.  We got home late afternoon and had a nice relaxing family evening here.  We made sure to play a game of Kings in the Corner before bed- my grandma would have been proud as the kids didn't miss a single move!

Sunday Kase wasn't feeling great so we had a lazy morning then Kent took off for the airport as he's traveling for work this week.  Later that afternoon Kase perked up a bit and we needed to get out of the house so we went to our favorite sledding spot in town. It felt good to get some fresh air! 

These three.  Love them so much. They had a blast going down the hill like this and eventually got pretty good at it!

We woke up this morning with Kase still not feeling great so I kept him home with me for the morning.  The two big kids, however, have been having a lot of fun together lately. These winter days get long but they have been entertaining each other!

Hope your week is off to a good start!


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for all the support from friends and co-workers concerning the passing of my grandma.  Everyone's kind words and prayers have helped us get through a tough week. I'm thankful for all the wonderful memories I have with my grandma and thankful that my kids got to know her so well.  She was a very special lady.

I'm thankful for where we live.  Monday, after we got quite a big snowfall, I watched all the kids come pouring out of the school- joy on their faces.  They stumbled through the deep snow, running and laughing up the sidewalk.

I'm thankful for my "third child mentality" with Kase. It came time to decorate Valentine boxes and his teacher requested that his class all bring in a decorated bag with their name on it.  Kase had zero interest in decorating anything, especially anything related to love, hugs, hearts, kisses.  So, we went to the store and bought a gift bag that had baseballs on it, and he wrote his name on it with a black Sharpie.  Done and done.

I'm thankful when Kase wakes up dry! It happened twice last week!

Have a good weekend, all!


Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekends are the best, no? After school on Friday, the kids had friends over to play.  Later we met my parents for dinner as a belated celebration for Kylee getting the Main Event last week.  It was the perfect way to spend a Friday night!

Saturday morning Kylee had a volleyball tournament out of town. She is just loving her volleyball weekends and we are having so much fun watching her play! In just two weeks of tournaments we have seen her grow as a player and as a leader out on the court. 

Tournament champs and still undefeated!

What a fun group of girls.

Keith and Cindy had come to watch so Keith took Kase and Kael home with him to watch Kase play basketball while Kylee, Cindy and I stayed at the tournament.  Kase had a great game too! Scored a few points and played some tough defense! Kael does a great job cheering both Kylee and Kase on during their events.  So neat to see him supporting them the way he does.  Also I really appreciated Cindy hanging with us all day long! We had a fun afternoon together. 

Sunday we made our typical pancake breakfast but Kase preferred to eat banana bread.  The whole loaf. Face first. 

Then we tried a new ice cream recipe!

Later that day we went to my dad and mom's to celebrate my dad's birthday, and to watch the Super Bowl! It was a great night being together with family.

Back to reality tomorrow.  It looks like it's shaping up to be a cold, snowy, busy week!