Vacation, Part II

Everyone slept in Wednesday morning.  Kent and I enjoyed coffee on our balcony while we waited for the kids to wake up. 

Then we ordered room service breakfast.  This was such a treat.  The server brought it up and made such a beautiful table setting for us! 

We hit the pool right after breakfast.  Kael and I also played some poolside ping pong.

Unfortunately, Kylee cut her toe somehow on the side of the pool.  They had her fixed up in no time, but suggested she stay out of the pool for most of the day.  She was bummed, but we made it a fun day anyways.

Had lunch at the snack bar near the pool.  Kent couldn't get enough of the seafood while we were there.

We often enjoyed the afternoon shows in the shade, with popsicles. The show this day was a juggling pirate and Kase thought it was SO funny. 

Ordered an afternoon snack of shrimp cocktail and Kent even convinced Kylee to try it!

Kael really wanted us all to see the Teen's Club, so we went in to check it out.  He didn't want any pictures in there, but Kylee happily obliged.

Later that night was our theme dinner on the beach with the other Edward Jones families.

Twinning! Kase acutally has a matching shirt too but didn't want to wear it that night.

We enjoyed the live mariachi music so very much. The food was amazing this night too.

And the sunset was just gorgeous.  

We had a great evening with our new friends!

We ended the night with a Michael Jackson show that was pretty impressive! Another great day in the books!



Hi! I have so very many pictures and stories from vacation to share! So I'm going to break our trip up into several different posts.  I debated for a long time about taking my big camera and in the end, I decided to just have cell phone pictures.  The quality isn't perfect but I'm thankful to have captured so many moments. 

Here we are waiting in the Des Moines airport! Kent had gotten up before 3:00 to shovel our driveway so my dad and mom could come pick us up and take us to the airport.  The kids were so good about getting up early. 

Because a few hours (and a long, but fast-moving customs line) later, THIS was our view!

We couldn't wait to explore the property.  These bougainvillea were so gorgeous. 

The boardwalk between the pools was so fun!

Not to mention the view of those palm trees. 

The water was so amazingly warm.  Kael loved how it was an infinity pool. He said, "Mom, it looks like the pool just connects to the ocean!"

We had a welcome dinner the first night with all the other Edward Jones families. We had a fun time that night and earlier in the day we had met another family that we loved getting to know and spend time with on the trip! After dinner the kids went to Kids Club and Teens Club for a little while. 

The next morning we ate breakfast at our resort at the restaurant right by the beach.  It was so peaceful watching the waves. 

Then the kids went to Kids Club while Kent and I had a quick meeting. The Kids Club was so awesome- lots of activities for the kids to do.  Here they are playing dodgeball!

Once we picked the kids up we went out to the beach.

Why not do cartwheels into the ocean?!

We had lunch at the same place we had eaten breakfast but Kase wasn't hungry at lunchtime, so later he ordered a cheeseburger by the pool. Talk about service! 

Boogie boarding was a hit the whole trip.  I didn't take my cell phone down by the beach a lot so I don't have great pictures of it but the kids all had so much fun doing this.  

Kase loved digging holes in the sand.  Kent and Kylee also had a ton of fun body surfing in the ocean.

There were lots of activities for the adults and older kids too! We enjoyed volleyball in the pool.

The activities director was so fun and we got some good group shots.

Later Kase played some soccer under the palms. Then we went to an ice cream social with the other Edward Jones families. 

Then later that night Kent and I went to dinner to celebrate his one year anniversary of his can sell date for Edward Jones.  The kids went to Kids/Teens Club.  Kael really liked going to the Teens Club. It was pretty cool in there- ping pong, pool, foosball, snacks, video games, a dance floor- he loved it! I had to snap a picture of them all wearing blue on our walk to Kids Club.  

Cindy requested I take some pictures of the food! It was so pretty!

We often always ordered several desserts at a time. This one was delicious.

Here was our view of the sunset that night. I can't get over how gorgeous the sunsets were there!

Our time there was just amazing.  I'm so proud of Kent for working so hard to qualify for this trip.  Unforgettable for sure! This is days one and two so far.  More to come!