Weekend Wrap-Up

What a weekend.  I'm wiped, you guys! 

Kael and I baked some orange soda cupcakes last week.  He is just the best baking buddy.  He can do so much of it on his own and he's so happy while we're in the kitchen!

Kase had his last tee ball game.  We had such a fun season.  Our neighbor and Kent did a great job coaching and we had such an awesome group of boys on the team. And I enjoyed getting to know their parents during the games! I think we're all a little sad his games are over!

Kase couldn't have been more excited about the medals. He wore it all night and into the next day.

Thursday morning we loaded up early and headed to Minneapolis for the Edward Jones Summer Regionals! We drove through heavy rain on the way there.  I was thankful the kids are such good riders. We got into town in time for lunch.  Kase enjoyed his Mickey pancake!

We waited for awhile to get checked into the hotel while the Financial Advisors were in meetings. The kids were more patient than I was, for sure.  It was a cool hotel and the kids loved riding the escalators.  Then we had a welcome meeting while the kids went to the Kids Club (babysitting provided by Edward Jones) and they LOVED it.  They had the best time decorating masks and swords and had so much fun with their caregivers.

Later that night we all went to a welcome dinner.  The kids loved the spray tattoos they got after dinner! There was also a basketball contest that Kent and I participated in and there was also a fun photo booth. 

Kylee made a quick friend and they enjoyed spending a lot of time together over the weekend! 

Friday morning I had a meeting with some of the other spouses and we decorated bird houses to be auctioned off and the money would be donated to charity.  We were pretty proud of our barn bird house! I had such a fun team to work with.

We had a great view from our hotel room!

We were so thankful to have an adjoining room to my parents- we did have a funny thing happen when the comforter got ripped! There were feathers everwhere!

Later Friday afternoon we had a group bowling outing.  It was great!

Then we stopped for ice cream and took in a lovely view of the river.

Friday night we ate as a big group at Hell's Kitchen.  These big kids have totally taken Kase under their wing. They even approached me to ask if Kase could sit with them! Kase just idolizes these boys and they are so, so kind to him.  A true testament to the awesome families we've met through Edward Jones.  I hope when my kids get older they remember how well they were treated by the older kids and they can do the same for other families! It was a fun night out! And there were even cupcakes at the end- Kael was thrilled!

Saturday we walked to a fun restaurant nearby and had fun playing the piano along the way. 

Only Grandpa Terry would get away with ordering two giant cinnamon rolls as an appetizer! 

Kael's ear started bothering him and Kase was looking really tired so we went back to the hotel for a little while to relax, then headed to the Mall of America! We let the kids each pick one ride and also we stopped at the Lego Store for Kase.

Kylee picked the zipline, of course! Kael did the Log Chute with Grandma.

Saturday night was the big awards banquet! We knew the kids were in good hands at Kids Club- we got all dressed up for a night out!  I was so proud of Kent and loved seeing him being recognized for all his hard work! The other financial advisors are truly the only ones out there who really know what all Kent has been through in the last year and a half getting this business started so Kent really enjoyed having the evening to talk with them.  He also got a couple of really cool awards which made the night extra special. 

We loved being able to spend the weekend with my parents.  It's so cool getting to be a part of all these events with them and I heard from so many people how they think the world of my parents.  I've known for a long time how awesome they are- it's fun to hear about it from someone else! 

While we were away, we found out that Cindy and Keith had been moving their fridge downstairs at the house and Cindy fell down the stairs.  She went to the hospital and even had to stay over night. She fractured her wrist and I know we are all so very thankful that it wasn't worse than that! She finds out tomorrow when surgery will be so we are all thinking of her as I know she is still in a ton of pain.

We stopped by to visit Cindy today, then spent the rest of the day catching back up- laundry, groceries, etc.  Needless to say, everyone is exhausted tonight- a weekend filled with late nights, interrupted sleep and lots of junk food was tons of fun, but we're ready to get back on track tomorrow! 


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for free Tropical Smoothie last week! 

I'm thankful for a break from the heat.  We have spent so much time at the pool lately and it's nice to feel like we can be outside and do something else! The cool air last Sunday morning was dreamy.

I'm thankful for the hugs and high fives from Kael as we closed down Adventureland over the weekend.  There's something so cool about going on all the rides while they are lit up!

I'm thankful, once again, for our library reading program.  Actually, I'm thankful for all of our library programs! Kase loves Lego Club, Kael loves Teen Bingo, we all love the library movies.

I'm thankful the kids have been sleeping in a little bit this summer! I do love the quiet time in the morning.

I'm thankful that I haven't had a reason to wear makeup in nearly a month.

I'm thankful to be such good friends with the head volleyball coach.  She had told Kylee that she could do the camp that was a grade above what she technically is in, and Kylee wanted to give it a shot.  She also wanted to do the camp for her own age group.  So Kylee ended up doing double volleyball camp last week and my friend assured me she did a great job and could totally hang with the older girls!

I'm thankful for these sweet pictures of Kent and the kids on Father's Day.

I'm thankful for neighborhood buddies.

I'm thankful for how very much Kael loves Berkley.

I'm thankful for a really fun night at Big Creek earlier this week celebrating my dad!

I'm thankful for these three musketeers.

And thankful for beach walks and beautiful sunsets.

I'm just really thankful to be part of this crew.

I'm thankful for preschool camp this week. It's been really fun being back at church.  It's been great having Kylee be a helper, too! Kase seems to be enjoying camp and I love that my nephew is there this year!

I'm thankful for a really fun Little League season.  When we first got the schedule it seemed loooong but Kase has enjoyed every game.  Our last game was last night and I don't think he was ready for the season to be over! 

I'm thankful for family nights watching America's Got Talent.  Kase watches the show with a ninja wrap on his head, a super hero mask, a medal around his neck and a shark tooth in his hand. Hilarious.

I'm thankful for a quick weekend getaway coming up! We have the Edward Jones Summer Regionals and I know everyone is looking forward it!


Weekend Wrap-Up

I laughed so hard at this picture from Kent and Kael the other night.  Kase and I had gone on ahead to fish at Georgetown (Kylee was at volleyball camp) and the boys were going to meet us there.  They sent me this picture- they couldn't leave because they were trying to get a bird out of our garage! 

Once the bird situation was handled and they met up with us- Kent caught this whopper! Kase especially was so, so excited.

Thursday after Kael finished basketball camp we decided to head to Adventureland! We have already more than covered the cost of our season passes and I truly think the kids could go every single day.  Each time we go, Kase gets more and more adventurous and tries new rides.

The Raging River was finally open this trip!

We closed the park down and had just enough time to get ice cream before they shut the doors.

Friday we spent the day going back and forth about camping.  We had planned for over a month now to camp and have had almost no rain for the longest time.  Of course, it was forecasted to rain the night we planned to go! We finally decided to give it a shot.  I wish I had gotten more pictures because we had the best time. 

We had a nice spot out in Prairie Flower at Saylorville.  It had a great path down to a clean beach- the kids had so much fun splashing around, finding shells and rocks.

The weather held out long enough for us to grill, play KanJam and play at the park. It felt so good to be outdoors.

Then the rain came.  The boys were ready to call it a night but Kylee and our friends wanted to wait it out.  So she stayed with them for awhile and they were able to do s'mores, catch lightning bugs and a frog and play some UNO.  

Once the rain picked up, they headed home for a slumber party at their house.  It was a successful camping trip and we hope to go again every year with our friends! 

Saturday morning the big kids had triathlon practice then Kase had a tee ball game.  It feels like we have had a ton of games, but every day Kase asks if he can play more baseball.  He's definitely not ready for the season to be over!

Saturday afternoon we went to Collins to help Kent's parents move some things out of the basement as they are getting new carpet this week.  The kids had fun playing water balloons and splashing around while Kent worked.  Then we went out for ice cream at Starbucks.  Not the coffee place, but the ice cream place in Nevada.  Kylee had the biggest hot fudge brownie sundae I have ever seen and we were all shocked when she was able to finish it.  Ha! 

Saturday evening we couldn't decide what we wanted to do.  It was such a nice night out, but everyone was kind of tired from camping the night before, so we finally decided that Kent and Kase would go to a movie while the big kids and I met some friends at Adventureland! 

We closed it down, again! This time it was open much later though.  The kids just loved it so much- being under the lights is so magical.  

Sunday morning Kent was up super early to go fishing with my dad.  Being out on the boat was one of the things Kent wanted to do most of all on Father's Day.  Which worked out great because while he was gone the kids slept in and I was able to make him his favorite blueberry pie! When Kylee got up she had so much fun arranging his presents so it looked nice when he walked in.

He loved all of his presents and we had a nice time just hanging out here before lunch.  Afterwards, we loaded up and went to Jester Park for some fishing.  We had only been there a few minutes before Kylee spotted a snake- eek! We later moved to a different pond and the kids had fun seeing frogs, turtles and snails.  We also made a quick stop by to see the bison and also let the kids splash in the natural playscape for a few minutes before heading home.  Spent the afternoon relaxing; one of Kylee's friends stopped by and the boys went out adventuring- they stopped by the Saylorville dam and a park near it. We picked up a pizza for dinner then had a nice, relaxing family movie night.  We had a great day celebrating Kent!