Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful for the wonderful day we had celebrating Kylee yesterday.  

I'm thankful the kids are decently happy with their teachers and classes.  Both Kase and Kylee have friends they know in their classes, but neither have their best friends in their class which is ok sometimes I think!

I'm thankful that Kylee wanted to help me bake her birthday pie!

I'm thankful for us.  I love my crew so very much.

I'm thankful for my "perfect 10"!

I'm thankful for how nostalgic Kylee is. Topping her list of things she wanted to do on her birthday was watch old family videos from when she was little.  I had to figure out how to hook up an old TV with a DVD player in it to make it work, but the kids were captivated!

I'm thankful for how sweet and appreciative Kylee was with every one of her gifts.

I'm thankful for an impromptu lunch with family on her birthday!

I'm also thankful for a "so bad it's good" selfie Kael took when we were all out for lunch.  I won't post it, but it's pretty funny.

I'm thankful we tried Get Air! We have been to SkyZone many times but the kids really liked Get Air a lot!

I'm thankful for this girl and her friendship with Kylee.

I'm thankful for a really fun pool party night! The kids didn't seem to mind at all that it wasn't super hot out.  They just had fun swimming under the lights!

Hard to tell but I promise Kase is making a peace sign in this picture...
I'm thankful that Kael had so much fun too! He's such a good big brother.

I'm thankful for this mom who helped me plan the whole thing.

I'm thankful that the party turned out to be just as much fun as Kylee had hoped for!

I'm thankful for the beautiful sunsets we've had lately!

I'm thankful Kael had fun at his football eval the other night.  It was so fun to see him back on the football field.  Bring on fall!

Hope you're finding lots to be thankful for today, too.

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